Sitting in class now, waiting for my spanish Prof to come back. Hopefully we’ll finish early today. The other girl in my class isn’t here, so it’s been a very interactive class thus far. I think there is a cold going around to all the Americans. I’m pretty positive I have an ear infection, but I’ll continue to take pain relievers and trust that my body will take care of it (I was reading online, and it said that 80% of ear infections heal themselves after a few days, with or without antibacterial medication).

Last night we had a Venezuelan cooking night. Although the dough was pre-made, the Americans got to flatten our own arepas. It was very similar to the beginning stages of making lefse, so I was already a near-expert on flattening them, making them nice and round, and making sure I have just enough flour to make sure they don’t stick to the griddle. Along with those, we had some sort of egg soup (which I always thought would be kinda gross, but it’s actually really, really good. Simple, too.)
Alright, one class down and one to go. I’m really enjoying my Tropical Ecology class, and tomorrow we’re taking a field trip to the Merida Botanical Garden. I’m excited, and I’ll make sure to take a lot of pictures. Spanish class is going fairly well. Much of it is review from last semester (and for me, a necessary review) but the other girl in my class might switch to a more advanced class. That would be fine by me, it was fun being the only student in the class for a while, gave me more of an opportunity to converse directly with my professora. And I’d much rather have her be challenged in a different class than complain to me about having to review things. I’m here for 12 weeks, and I have absolutely no problem with taking it slow (I already feel like I’m beginning to operate on “Venezuelan time”, which means I’m late for everything… but everyone is late, so I’m on time. It’s a pretty good system.)
My spanish professor was telling me about this are northwest of here called the “relampago del Catatumbo” which is roughly translated as the “lightning of the Catatumbo”. It sounds magical, check out the Wiki page: I’d like to go see it, hopefully I can find some interested Americans to come with me. It would be my tribute to Thor if I could make it out there.