Veronica: Application Process

So, once you’ve figured out what program you want to go on, you have to apply to it. Obviously. Luckily, after all that thinking about where to go, the application process is easy. For Montpellier, you have to choose what track you want to do. There is Integrated (1-3 classes in the French university with French students/professors) and Language & Culture (all classes with American or international students). That might be a difficult choice for some, depending on how much French you know, how confident you are with it, etc. I chose Integrated.

The application is very standard and easy; it’s pretty much your personal information. The essay is short. You need to submit a transcript, but one printed from OneStop is enough. They want $50. And the last thing is a letter of recommendation along with a short form.

So…application=easy. Thank goodness, right? Definitely, because it gets more complicated farther on down the road.

I applied really early. And when I say really early, I mean six months early. I just wanted to make sure I gave myself enough time between being accepted and getting my passport/visa (which I will write about at a later date). Even if you apply a few weeks before the deadline, you’ll be just fine in regards to time. I’m just paranoid.

Oh, and here’s one thing you should know: Once the application is over, everything else you have to do in order to be able to go is a bunch of paperwork. That’s all it is (well, it’s important paperwork so you should take your time on it. Don’t take it lightly). I don’t want to turn you off to the idea of going abroad because of that, because everyone I’ve talked to says it’s worth it and I believe it will be. But I want you to know what you’re in for.

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