Whitney: Love-hate relationship with school

It is currently Thursday night (well, technically Friday morning) and I have spent my evening reveling in the fact that I took my last final exam of the semester today. Now this doesn’t actually mean I’m completely done with my first semester yet—I still have to go to my “wrap-up” classes next week to go over the test and receive my Schein, a piece of paper that says my grade and that verifies that I actually took, passed, and deserve credit for said course, and I have a few more papers to write for my English Literature course, but it feels good to be done with those dreaded final exams. I think all of them went fairly well, and I really hope I’m happy with the grades I earn. It’s funny because all of my credits earned over here will transfer back to the University of Minnesota as “Pass-Fail” credits, meaning my actual grade won’t even matter, but the perfectionist in me is eager to get good grades nonetheless. 

I also got sucked into attempting to do some grad-planning for my senior year back at the U, and I’m realizing that this year abroad, while valuable in dozens and dozens of ways, is going to make graduating with my double major by Spring 2013 a bit of a challenge. The courses I’m finishing now and the ones I will be taking in the summer semester won’t necessarily transfer back neatly, so I might have a very busy senior year (I could handle 22 credits/semester, right?? …right??). In addition to graduating on time, I have been debating whether to stay at the University of Minnesota to get my M.Ed./ initial teaching licensure or to consider a different school (maybe Madison, or maybe a school in a warmer state!). I know I still have some time to figure it out, but it’s definitely been on my mind of late for some reason or another.

I must admit – I am a little sad for the Winter semester here at FU to be coming to an end. I’ve made some great friends – some of whom are only here for one semester and will be leaving soon – and I’ve learned so much, and I really cannot believe how fast it has flown by. But on the other hand, a week from now I will be in Madrid, running through the foreign streets and breathing in the Spanish air, and I don’t think I’ll be missing school one single bit.

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