Kendra: Sunday morning church

Went to a Venezuelan mass today. It started with music and clapping, and ended with a mariachi band. Apparently the band is not typical, but sometimes they’ll come to church when there has been a miracle… at least that’s what I took from the conversation with my host mom. This time two of the members of the band were sick, then they went to Mexico to the Virgin of Guadalupe, and they were healed. So they came to our church to celebrate!

 I’m beginning to realize that in Venezuela, you do what you want. I thought of it as disorganized at first, but it really seems more like everyone is going to the beat of their own drum. During mass in the US, people say everything more or less in unison, with the same rhythm as everyone else. Here, everyone says the responses however they want. I had no idea what the congregation was saying because everyone spoke on their own time. Not everyone took communion, probably about half of the people stayed seated. But everyone that did take it got up at the same time and formed lines on both sides of the Eucharistic ministers. None of this one row at a time business, whoever got to the line first got their host first. 

The music was more upbeat than your average mass. Lots of clapping along to the music and drums; absolutely no organ in sight. I enjoyed it, but the songs and most of the mass, really, were too fast for me to understand much.

After mass, the priest came out to the parking lot with holy water and he blessed our car! He also said he could get me a little bit of wine for next week so I could participate in Communion. Usually the priests are the only ones to get wine here, so that’s pretty neat :)

Hasta luego!

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