Living That Castle Life

Every girl dreams of one day living in a castle. Or at least I certainly did. So, what would I love more than to visit some castles while I’m here in Europe! Now, though my latest castle visit was not exactly of the type I always dreamed about, it was still amazing. We travelled west for about two hours before reaching the medieval city of Carcassonne.
I’m not sure if it was because we visited on a weekend, or if the city always had this feel, but from the moment we approached the city, it had a very Renaissance Fair-esque feel to it. Outside of the walls of the city there were tents set up selling all sorts of medieval goods, accompanied by their proprietor’s in garb as benefiting the air of a medieval fair they were attempting to give off. Nonetheless, it was still charming as it was taking place at a real castle in France.
Inside the walls of the city, we visited an absolutely breathtaking cathedral. It had some of the most amazing stained glass windows I have ever seen. They were so vibrant and colorful, and each one told a different story. Words and photographs can’t entirely do them justice. Just when we were about to leave, a mens quartet began to sing within the cathedral. With the incredible acoustics in the church, the result of their music was so beautiful. We were forced to linger for just a bit longer to soak in the exquisite music.
The rest of our afternoon was spent touring the actual castle, which had great views of the city, trying the local speciality of cassoulet, a bean based dish with duck and sausage in it. I have to admit it was not my favorite meal that I’ve had while here, too much meat for me. We capped off our tour of the city with a lovely visit to the local torture museum! I certainly never knew there were so many ways to torture a person, and some for the most odd of offenses. If nothing else, it was certainly a new experience.
This coming week will be an amazing one for me to have some new adventures. I’ll be traveling to Stockholm, Warsaw, and Budapest to see a completely different side of Europe than what I’ve so far experienced here in the south of France. So, here’s to new adventures and experiences! À plus tard!

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