We got in to Salzburg, Austria when it was dark and left when it was dark. It was an incredibly short visit because we were trying to get to Füssen, Germany but wanted to at least go to the city of Sound of Music. Who doesn’t love the Von Trapp family?!? So we wondered the streets listening and singing to a little of the musical. There was an awesome city square place to play chess, but sadly it appeared someone still a rook and a knight. And they weren’t playing me that night. (Bad joke, good joke?).
But before all that, we wanted to eat, so we wondered into a restaurant called Stadtwirt. That’s when we met Jakob, our waiter. He took our order and got us our beers. By the end of the dinner he was charging Scott’s phone, Kate’s brother, and was talking with us about life. He was evening being sarcastic at some points when he was joking with us. He told why he thought America is such a wonderful place and how he hopes to go live there possibly someday. He also decided to tell us that we should stay the night in Salzburg and do tons of things there the next day; rather than go to Füssen, Germany that was a very small town and clearly thought Salzburg was the place to visit. It was clear that he felt comfortable with us after he was staring over my shoulder without me noticing while I was on Facebook, to surprise me by saying “you know we have free WiFi.” And yes, I jumped in my seat when he startled me. I think we would have all been friends with Jakob, and if we meet him again we would buy him a drink. Crazier things have happened by happenstance.
The people we’ve met in Europe have all been incredibly delightful and taught us a little about their own culture where ever we’ve been.
After wondering the city, we went back to the train station. It was freezing inside because as most train stations in Europe do not have heat or are closed from the elements. So Kate and I danced. We danced while each passerby stared on curiously, wondering why would we be dancing at 3am in a Train Station. To keep warm of course, and well, I really like to swing dance too. Eventually we boarded the train at 4:28 am to Germany and were onto our final stop.