Wine Tasting in Bordeaux

“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.” -Benjamin Franklin
Hello all!
So this weekend I visited Bordeaux!
Although Bordeaux is synonymous with wine, there were a lot of other cool things to see and do in the city. After a rough start we made it to our hotel in downtown Bordeaux. Now, to get a reasonably priced hotel in downtown there are bound to be some drawbacks; this time around, the drawbacks included a room which, based on the smell alone, definitely had mold under the carpet. However, we were not in Bordeaux to sit in our hotel room!
Overall, we decided that Bordeaux is more clean and spacious than Montpellier.
On Saturday the real Bordeaux fun began! We stumbled upon the office of tourism and decided to book a guided tour of two châteaus for later in the day! Being new to the world of wine I learn a lot from the tour, such as:
-80% of a wine’s characteristics comes from the terroir or the ground where it’s planted
-Because of this, wine in France is named after the region or appellation it’s from, as this tells you much more about the tastes and characteristics of the wine than just the grapes used to make it.
-There are many rules that must be followed to be considered a French wine; the location of planting, the number of bottles made from a single vine, and the naming of the wine are all heavily regulated.
Personally, I think a lot of the culture that surrounds wine drinking is a little ridiculous, but I did learn a few steps to ensure that one gets a “proper” taste of the wine.
1. Look at the color of the wine
I have no idea what color the wine was actually supposed to be, but I looked at it nonetheless.
2. Smell the wine
Take in that rich barrel/vanilla smell.
3. Swirl your wine
This was harder to do than I imagined, and our tour guide managed to swirl a frickin tornado in her glass. It was a bit intimidating. I mostly just tried not to spill it down the front of my shirt.
4. Smell the wine again
It actually did have a different smell this time.
5. Take wine in mouth, but DO NOT SWALLOW
If you want to look like an American then go ahead, drink the glass of wine you paid for. I guess I just don’t understand why you would spit out wine you are looking to purchase for drinking. Apparently, the taste of the wine stays in your mouth longer if you don’t swallow it.
All wine snobbery and joking aside, Bordeaux has some truly AMAZING wine!

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