So. Tired. Need. Sleep. Please. Send. Better. Pillows.

But really. The bed in my apartment is the hardest bed I’ve ever slept on. That’s the only complaint I’m going to give though, because this place is too busy and exciting to worry about sleeping. I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Plus, between heat exhaustion and walking miles around Salaya or Bangkok, I’m usually just that tired by the end of the day that I fall asleep as soon as my head crashes into the pillow.
It’s going to be harder than I thought to keep up with this whole blogging thing though. At least for these first couple of days because we’ve been constantly on the go, trying to do EVERYTHING. And I think we almost did. I can’t even remember what day we did what and where we were.
What I do remember:
I’ve eaten tons of great new food.
I’ve said “Woah, That’s so cool!” probably at least 27 times every day
I’ve gotten lost on the Tram to Bangkok
I’ve almost gotten attacked by dogs in a temple
I’ve seen a woman driving herself and her 3 children on one small scooter.
I’ve been given a cough drop as an after-dinner mint
I’ve sweat more than I have in my entire life
I’ve acquired a love for, and desire to learn the Thai language
I’ve been on my feet for way too long today to keep typing right now…

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