toledoToday, leandra and I decided we were going to have a photo shoot around toledo. We got all dolled up to take pictures and no more than 10 minutes into it, it started raining, then it poured! (with no rain on the radar) instead of being disappointed about the temperamental weather, we decided to make the most of it; we took pictures in the rain! While trying to make our way to the bridge, we came across a couple of brazilian guys who were really nice! We talked to them for probably 10 minutes about how they’re studying in hungary, they’re from brazil and one of the guys’ sister is actually studying in the us! I’m thoroughly enjoying meeting new people! Plus, we found out the 2 streets by la fund actually both bring us back to la plaza de zocodover!
On the down side, the night time bus system is a real downer. We sat at the bus stop for over an hour waiting for a bus from polígono to toledo. Needless to say, we didn’t go out like we planned.