Happy belated birthday Chile! For those of you who don’t know, Chile’s Independence Day was September 18th. Instead of a measly day off and some lame fireworks like in the U.S., however, Independence Day turns into a week of celebrations. There are asados (BBQ) literally every three houses. People cram into fondas (I’m still not entirely sure of the best way to translate this..they’re basically like state fairs in various places where various vendors set up shop and people eat outrageous amounts of food). If you’re not drinking terremotos (a ridiculously sweet mixture of wine, grenadine, and pineapple ice cream) in the middle of the day, you aren’t really celebrating. There is a very formal, very long military parade that happens on the 19th. Basically, it’s an excuse for Chileans to take a week off and drink and eat and be with their families.
As fun as all the celebrations were (and not having class), seeing so many people with their families celebrating reminded me of home. And while many may not believe this, I actually started to get a bit homesick (my madre can attest to this). That, however, is for my next post. Best wishes to all!