We caught the last bus to madrid to sleep at the airport until our flight to frankfurt, germany then to vienna, austria, which were both delayed.
We arrived in vienna, austria to take a bus to get to a train to take to salzburg, austria. On the train, we met an austrian that spoke english without us realizing! We typed a question into google translate and he responded in english, sparking a conversation! That evening (after all of our traveling) we went to a, kind of, hole in the wall establishment for some traditional austrian food. It was phenomenal! Pictured is the turkey schnitzel with cranberry sauce and cold potatoes. Easily the best meal we had on the trip. Afterward, we walked by the river to check out the scenery at night as well as before the next morning when we would be having our busy day of travel in salzburg.
While trying to run for a bus, i slipped and fell, making it difficult to walk during our day of fun in salzburg. We ended up taking a gondola up to the top of the untersburg mountain, where we met a guy with some really interesting stories living in florida, through a trick fountain tour and wandering through a park to find the sound of music gazebo, through both the birthplace of mozart museum and the residence of mozart museum, as well as to and around the fortress. We would have not been able to afford all we did in salzburg without the salzburg card. It was a card that cost 26 euros but got us into a ton of places free or discounted. It paid for itself fairly quickly. It was so worth it and i highly recommend it!

We woke up really early to get on the early train to vienna in order to be there for the spanish riding school performance. Later, we wandered around the city of vienna, finding a celebration for a national holiday, making it fairly easy to meander without worrying about finding things to keep us occupied.
We went on a tour through the schonbrunn palace as well as the garden. We went to an incredible mozart/strauss show with an orchestra, opera singers and ballet dancers. The show was fantastic! We met three women from chicago (including a 92 year old woman traveling throughout europe by train!!!). They were a very witty group of women, and very fun to talk to!
Just before leaving, we had our lunch at our hostel where two other guys came and talked with us, one from austria and one from slovenia. Their stories were so interesting to listen to! They were incredible! Plus, the amount of information they knew about the us was mind-boggling! We also ended up sleeping in the madrid airport until 6am when the metro opened to take an 8am bus to go to 10am class then to work at 11:30. Wednesday was a long day, but it was so worth it!