As many of you may not know, back in early January I joined the Hiroshima University Sumo Team after I heard how fun it was from two of my American friends who had both joined the team prior to me. After starting practice, I realized not only is it a once in a life time opportunity to practice sumo in Japan, it’s also a great chance to practice Japanese, and ONE HELL OF A WORKOUT, the only reason professional Sumo are so huge, is because they eat nearly 3 times the calories that they burn. If they ate a normal amount, they’d be ripped as ever. We practice three times a week for 3 hours, and the whole workout basically requires holding a squat. Let’s just say my legs are normally on fire.

To date I’ve had 2 tournaments:

1 practice tournament near Kyoto where I won 3 of my 8 fights (not to good), but learned a lot about what I was doing wrong.

1 all-country (public school only) tournament this passed weekend in Yokosuka, Yokohama. Where I won 6 of my 10 fights, and made it to the Final-four in my bracket of 20+ fighters. This tournament was a lot more fun as I was able to beat two of the guys who I lost to in Kyoto, and turned quite a few heads.