Hello all! I know I’ve been getting quite behind with my blog posts, and I thought I’d take a little break from mid-term studying to try to catch up a bit.

So as I may have mentioned before, at the end of March, my father and I took a trip together to Vietnam. At first I wasn’t too happy as my journey from Hiroshima to Hanoi, Vietnam would take about 34 hours, with 27 of those being in layovers. However, I was up for the challenge. My experiences in the two Chinese airports I stayed in (Shanghai, and Kunming) were basically as bad as they could be; from having to sleep in a urine soaked terminal due to a full “hotel” to being being harassed and followed by people wanting me to pay to spend the night at their house, I was definitely ready to just give up.

After finally arriving in Vietnam, I was more than happy to meet my first tour guide, Giap, and make my way to the hotel, where I would soon be meeting up with my father. After a few hours of sleep, my travel companion and I were up and ready to meet with Giap and head to Halong bay. Here we were able to see sea caves and beautiful rock formations, as well as stopping my an art store on the way home, where we could see the victims of agent orange, or descendants of the victims making pictures with a simple needle and thread.

The next day we flew to Da Nong where we met our new tour guide, Tien, as well as our new driver who took us to the traditional city of Hoi An, we quickly put our bags in the hotel and headed out for dinner. The next morning we were up early to see the My Son holy land and take a walking tour of Hoi An city, before heading to Tien’s home town of Hue the next day.

Unfortunately the trip to Hue was where our journey took a turn for the worst, as my father and I both got pretty bad food poisoning after eating on a floating restaurant at a lagoon. I personally think we got sick from unsanitary water, but I guess we can’t be too sure.

The next day my dad was too sick to go out, so he stayed in the Hotel while I went to see the Citadel, but after about an hour, my food poisoning took over and I had to head back to the hotel.

If my memory serves me right, the next day we spent all morning resting up, before flying to Saigon in the afternoon. Upon meeting our new tour guide, Lam, we asked to go to the hotel as quick as possible since we still weren’t feeling too well. Saigon was a very cool city, however. We were able to see the Mekong delta, Vietnam War museum, the Chu Chi tunnels, and much of the city.


Despite the illness, I cannot thank both of my parents enough with presenting me with this amazing opportunity to visit another country during my time abroad. I really did enjoy my time in Vietnam, and would love to visit other South East Asian countries some day.

I’ve got to head back to studying now, so I’ll leave you with some pictures of my trip.

Enjoy and thanks for reading,