Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey friends and family!

In Norway, today is just another day, and it’s my first time not spending Thanksgiving with those I love. Aside from missing out on turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, bread rolls, and cranberry ice, I can still take a few moments to be thankful for how lucky I am to be in Norway and to have such wonderful friends and family, old and new.

I’m especially thankful to my parents who have been supportive of me with my education choices and helping me enjoy Norway as much as I have. I’m also thankful for having Mark in my life. He’s been the best boyfriend I could ask for, and his companionship and support is invaluable. To my family, where ever they may be, I give thanks for their love and support no matter what. Knowing that I will always have people around me who care is a wonderful feeling.

To everyone who reads this, thank you. I’m happy that I can share a chapter of my life with you even from a different country. My stay in Norway is almost half over, and I hope to keep growing and learning everyday.

Have a wonderful Turkey Day!

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