My Great South American Adventure: Phase I and II

Below is my plan for the next month. I probably won’t stick entirely schedule but this is a rough overview. Also apologies for the information overload; this is copied directly from my personal notes.

Phase I: Paraguay and Northeast Argentina

1/12: Bus from Mendoza to San Juan – Flight to BA, flight to Asuncion land around 18.

2-3/12: Discover Asuncion – Costanera, Palacio Presidencial, Barrio Loma San Jeronimo, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mercados, Lago Yapicarai

4/12: Bus to Cuidad del Este – Shopping, Represe Hidrioelectrica, Puente de Amistad

5/12: Saltos del Monday; bus to Puerto Iguazu without crossing into Brazil

6-7/12: Foz de Iguazu, visit the falls and go hiking.

8/12: Bus to San Ignacio – Jesuit Ruins

9/12: Visit Parque Provincial Teyu Cuare

10/12: Bus to Posadas to vist Brenda

??/12: Bus to Coronel Oviedo

19/12: Bus to Asuncion

20/12: Flight from Asuncion to Santiago, Chile

Phase II: Family Visit in Chile

20/12: Arrive in Santiago, check into AirBnb, grocery shopping, Museo de Derechos Humanos

21/12: Issak and Mom arrive in Santiago 8 AM – City Tour, exploring – Cerro San Cristobal, La Vega, Metro Park O’Higgins, Museo de Bellas Artes

22/12: Hiking – Pochoco or another mountain.

23/12: Bodega Tour and more city exploration

24/12: Rent car; Cajon de Maipo. Drive to Valparaiso.

25/12: Valporaiso and Vina del Mar – Beach day and Chrsitmas!

26/12: Wander the streets of Valparaiso and check out the street art

27/12: Drive to el Concon and go sandboarding; drive back to Santiago. Isaak flies home, Mom and Amelia fly to Punta Arenas.

28/12: Arrive in Punta Arenas around 1AM; Check into Hotel – Isla Magdalena (Penguin Island), Magallena National Reserve, Park Pali Aike Volcanic Fields

29/12: Punta Arenas in the morning, bus or drive to Puerto Natales.

30/12-1/1: Puerto Natales – Torres del Paine, boat trip to a glacier, Sena Ultima Esperanza, Milodon Cave, Lake Nordenskjold, Cerro Dorotea

2/1: Mom flies home and Amelia is now on Phase III of her Great South American Adventure

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