The first few days…

I have spent a total of three days here in the beautiful city of Brussels, and it honestly still hasn’t sunken in that I will be here for four and a half months! Incroyable! 

I was paranoid and arrived a day early, which was the best thing I could’ve done. The hostel I stayed in was nice, and I was able to walk around a little and run some errands before crashing and sleeping off the jet lag. The next day, I was well-rested and ready to  go.

One of the errands I ran that day was to get a SIM card. This was pretty straightforward as literally everyone in Brussels speaks English amazingly well (USA where you at though…step it up plz) but when I activated the card by calling a number it was all in Dutch so honestly I still have no idea if I did that correctly!

Sunday was the official start of my program- CIEE’s Business, Communication, and Culture program. I met my fellow students (there are around 25 of us) and we had a whole day of information sessions–not a good mix with the extreme jet lag some of us were facing…there was some nodding off to say the least. That night, some of us went and explored La Grande Place, and I had my first “traditional” meal (aka I ate fries and a waffle). Although we just missed the Christmas tree, the lights in La Grande Placeand the surrounding areas were so beautiful at night (see picture).

Today we had a ‘practical’ walking tour, showing us around “Centrum”–the central part of Brussels. Of course it’s beautiful. We saw the varied architecture around the city, which is quite something with thousand-year-old buildings and ruins nestled among those from the 21st century.

Finally, tonight we moved into our homestay

According to the locals, we’ve come at the worst time. It’s cold and windy (usually around 35 degrees Fahrenheit) but still so much warmer than Minnesota or Vermont so it’s nothing for me!

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