Hey folks.

If you are reading this then chances are you already know me, but just in case you don’t: My name is Timothy. I was spurred to start blogging in order to chronicle my upcoming adventures in Germany, but I also intend to use this blog to write down my thoughts on other topics. I am a person who stutters, a person who has dramatically (and intentionally!) changed the course of his life at least twice, a massive nerd, an artist, and someone who likes to pretend to be smart.

Some topics you will likely see me address on this blog include: linguistics (German language in particular), observed cultural oddities, day-to-day life, stuttering, games of all sorts (video games, board games, roleplaying games like D&D), other media, popular science, and art. I will be chronicling my 5 months in Freiburg, Germany coming up in about a month and a half, and I may also post some of my artwork (creative writing, drawing, painting, digital art) from time to time.

 That’s my introduction for now. This post is also great for me to figure out how this whole blogging thing works. Thanks for reading!