Being a tourist

Being a tourist is fun. Although I subconsciously hate myself when I take my 100th touristy photo, I know that everyone else around me is a tourist too! A shared culture.

This week, especially the last few days, was a weird limbo between our orientation for CIEE/Vesalius College (the school I’ll be attending) and actual classes. I can’t remember the last time I had this amount of free time, but I really feel obliged to go out and explore. So, this led to a lot of touristy stuff. Good fun.

As a group, we went to the Belgian Comic Strip Center, which was very interesting. Comics are a big deal here, and we got to hear their history and the role they’ve played culturally around the world. We saw everything from Belgian favorites like TinTin to American classics like the Yellow Kid (terrifying, if you ask me).

Yesterday, my friend Rachel and I had a true touristy day. We started off by eating waffles in La Grande Place and visiting Mannekin Pis. We were lucky enough to stumble across the Belgian Order of the Moustache, who were having a big ol’ party by Mannekin Pis (who was dressed up accordingly). Then we visited the Magritte museum and the Royal Palace, got very lost, and made our way back to La Grande Place for some Italian dinner in a weird castle and some late-night shopping.

As I gear up for classes tomorrow, I’m looking forward to settling into a normal routine!

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