London Adventures – Jan. 13

This weekend we did all things touristy. We went on this 4 hour coach bus tour through London, and I guess I never really realized just how big this place is. So many times throughout the tour I thought we were in a different place, but turns out it was just a different part of London. Apparently my apartment is in THE area to be in in London… especially considering the fact that Madonna lives just down the road from me… (!!!!) I also got to see Buckingham Palace… Sadly, the Queen is on holiday for a few weeks so she wasn’t there.

I had my first authentic Fish & Chips meal yesterday from a little food stand at a local market. So much better than the fish & chips from the Tavern back home. The weekends here are full of cute little markets where vendors sell handmade clothes, jewelry, notebooks, etc.

Taking the tube (subway) is becoming a lot easier. It takes you literally anywhere you want to go in London, which is super nice, especially considering the fact that there’s a station right down the road from my apartment.

Last night we went shopping on Oxford Street and it’s super overwhelming. There were SO many people there. I guess a lot of that had to do with the fact that it was like 7 o’clock on a Saturday night… The Mall of America has nothing on Oxford Street. There’s a store here called “Topshop”, and it’s their most popular store, but I don’t understand how people can shop there. It’s 5 floors of pure chaos.

Today we experienced a true London rain day, and it was kind of depressing… so we spent 6 hours at the British Museum to keep us distracted and out of bed. I got to see the original Rosetta Stone though which was really cool.

Class starts tomorrow so you may not hear from me for a few days. So until then…

Cheers, ya’ll


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