Learning experiences…

Despite how highly-skilled I think I am at travelling, I definitely fell from my pedestal yesterday.

I was on the metro with my friend going to see the Atomium (which, despite everything was very cool). When we got off the stop, I realized my wallet was not in my purse. I immediately called my host mom who found my wallet in my room, so I relaxed and enjoyed my day. However, when I got home I realized she had found my other wallet and I had, in fact, had mine stolen ???? wah wah.

I’ve always thought I’ve been very careful with my belongings, I’ve never misplaced/had anything important stolen, but alas it happens to the best of us! While it sucks, the most daunting thing for me is organizing getting new cards, etc and communicating everything I need to in French! Thrown right in the deep end of the language barrier, for sure.

So I’ve learned a lot from this, and will be so so SO careful from now on. I blame it on my sub-par public transportation navigation skills, which I will surely work on.

Anyway, enjoy these photos from the Atomium.

C’est la vie!

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