London Adventures – Jan. 19

Hey friends,

As of about 12:50 this afternoon, I officially finished my first week of class in London. (!!!!!) My classes are really cool and actually super interesting. I just seem to find myself drinking lots of coffee before hand because classes are 3.5 hours long… yep, you read that right. One class is 3.5 hours long. Because they’re so long, you only have each class once a week, which is kinda nice cause you have a lot of time to work on homework. But at least I’m enjoying what I’m learning, cause that makes the 3.5 hours fly by. I also don’t have class on Wednesday or Friday so that’s really nice. For those of you interested, the classes I’m taking are…

  • Contemporary British Film (We literally watch movies every class)
  • Dateline London (A news reporting class)
  • Writing the City: London (Journalism class where we go on field trips and write about the city)
  • Child Development (Psychology class)
  • Ethics in the Media (Watch music videos/tv shows/movie clips & talk about whether or not they’re ethical/what can we as an audience do about it)

So overall they’re super cool and could really be beneficial for my future.

This week has really just been occupied by school and trying to get into a solid routine now that classes have started. I didn’t have class on Wednesday though, so a new friend and I went to the British Science Museum, and then the Natural History Museum. (All of the museums in London are free and they’re SO fun) The science museum had this really cool exhibit called, “Who Am I” and it showed a bunch of different things that explained who we are as humans and how we are created… basically a super fun biology class. I also just really felt like a kid while being there because of how interactive all of the exhibits were… It also may have had to do with the fact that there were so many kids there that were on a field trip for school. British kids in school uniforms are the cutest things I have ever seen. (Check out the picture below for proof of that). The Natural History Museum was fun because they had a huge exhibit on animals, and I love animals. Because I don’t really see a ton being here, besides birds… (Shoutout to my mom and Tyler though for sending me pictures of our dogs), it was fun to see/learn about literally hundreds, if not, thousands of different kinds of animals.

This weekend we’re traveling to Stonehenge and Bath so get ready for some pictures.

Until then…

Cheers, ya’ll


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