Outside looking in

This will be a quick post.

Sitting in Norway its very easy to tell women have an equal place in society. Erna Soldberg is the current Prime Minister. Crime against women is apparently low. The gender pay gap here is the lowest in the OECD.

With that said, I’m amazed that the hearts of the people here still break for the women in the US, so much so that sister marches press on here, as well as so many other countries around the world. Its truly amazing.

For the women of the US, I think this is a really critical time in history. Trump promises to give power back to the people. I think whatever his actions are that follow this will say a lot about that promise. I really hope he can make a change and adapt to the nation he’s now the president of. I’m also inspired by the women who march for those who can’t, which I think hasn’t been covered enough in the media. Not every woman is able to participate in this protest for various reasons, and those who represent them are amazing in their own right.

To those who refuse to participate, or those who feel Republicans have no place in this movement, I hope this administration makes you feel less disenfranchised. Clearly it’s wrong to assume the feelings of the women who protest now are more genuine then those who voted for Trump even after his sexually abusive comments toward women came out. I hope this administration gives you whatever it is you’re looking for.

With that being said, to the policies that are discriminatory, sexist or otherwise crushing to the unity of the US, I hope these protests and push backs continue. I hope the power really does return to the people. I’m realizing now how much influence this election has had on me while abroad, and I still think about it quite often. Maybe that means my head isn’t in the right place. But looking through my class schedule this semester, my two most prominent classes are Refugee and Asylum Law, and Women’s Rights law.

I hope I can take something out of those classes and apply it to when I come back to the US. Until then, I’ll continue to do what I can here. I hope this doesn’t stop. I also hope it can remain peaceful.

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