Toledo has a rich history. It is easy to walk right past something that has historical significance if you do not know what you are looking for.

There is a church in the valley below La Piedra that has a festival called Romería de la Virgen del Valle on May 1st, my birthday. On this day, people hike to La Piedra, eat and venerate la Virgen del Valle. Some people sleep outside on La Piedra on April 30th. I like running around Toledo, because I can exercise and explore at the same time.

I enjoy looking at the ornate doors on my route to school. Below is a picture of me with a partially open door. There are two large door knockers above my head. (There is also a rod shaped door knocker on the small door.) The different noises produced by these two different types of door knockers were used to differentiate between guests that arrived on horses and on foot.  When nobility arrived on horses, they used the higher door knocker, and the larger door would be opened. Some of the houses allowed the horses to go into the entry way!

Yesterday, my host mom, sister and I went on a small adventure to the Frutería, a produce and nut store. The picture below is of me holding a piece of Kaki, a fruit similar to melon.

Two of my favorite foods that I had this week are Tortilla and steamed cauliflower with homemade Salsa Béchamel. Tortilla Española is similar to an omelet. Salsa Béchamel is a creamy white sauce.

Perchollo, the dog of the family, perfers to eat whatever we are having for dinner.

El mundo es como un pañuelo, “It’s a small world after all.”