I enjoyed taking two Flamenco dance classes this week! 

I also learned the meaning of some slang words: Ta luego!= Hasta luego! or See you later!, Nada!= De nada! or You’re welcome! and Buenas!= Buenas días! or Good morning!

Below is a picture of cherimoya, a delicious fruit that tastes like a piña colada but has a texture similar to a banana.

I am becoming more accustomed to a few cultural differences like wearing my shoes inside the house,  eating la comida (lunch) at 2:00pm and la cena (dinner ) at 9:00pm, and keeping my elbows on the table while eating.

I went to Madrid last weekend with a few friends!

One of my favorite parts was visiting the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. I was able to see Guernica, the painting below by Pablo Picasso! (You are not able to take pictures of Guernica at the museum.)