Well its been a few weeks since my last post, so I am a bit over due. Its been a whirlwind of time here in Oslo. Classes have started while I continue to get situated. I have three classes at the University of Oslo Monday through Wednesday. Its nice having three days of class, as Thursday is kind of dedicated towards completing readings and other assignments, which gives me three days to go explore and have fun. Of my three class, I have Norwegian; Population, Migration and Immigration; Environment and Innovation. I have enjoyed all of them, and am really looking forwards to the rest of the semester scholastically. My environment and innovation class has a few field trips that we will be taking. We will be seeing some innovations that are being made within Norway and Scandinavia towards combating climate change. The largest field trip that we will be taking is right before Easter. Our class will be spending a few days in Stockholm, Sweden at a paper mill, seeing how they are able to environmentally innovate the process of paper.

Besides classes, I have been enjoying my time quite a lot. A little over a week ago I got back into cross country skiing. Its been a few years since I’ve done it last, but I still enjoy it. I have been trying to make a habit of skiing a few times a week, as I live next to the Sognsvann Snøpark. It’s quite enjoyable skiing, as it is a constant in my life with so many changes. This past Wednesday I joined the river kayaking club. We have training’s on Wednesdays in a pool at one of the student fitness centers. Kayaking is a great exercise where I am able to socialize with Norwegians. Later in spring and summer we will be taking river and fjord trips that I am looking forward to. This past Thursday I also joined the Oslo Model UN (United Nations). I am quite excited for this experience, as I have taken part in a few of the U of M Model UN activities, but never had time to be apart of the actual organization. A Model UN is how it sounds, its a ‘model UN’. We’re on committees, where we perform research on topics, and have to argue for or against them as a country would. We draft bills and resolutions just like a member state and committee would within the UN. We will also be traveling to a Model UN conference in April in Amsterdam, where we will spend a few days within committees and caucuses drafting bills and resolutions. 

Today I meet up with a friend here that I haven’t really talked to in a few weeks. We went to the Viking Ship Museum. If you ever happen to find yourself in Oslo, I would recommend checking out this museum. It provides details on Viking life and history narrated besides artifacts. There are three vikings ships in ranges of condition, but still no less impressive. The museum is not large, but is located near the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Kon-Tiki Museum, Polar Ship ‘Fram’ Museum, and the Norwegian Maritime Museum. Going to one of these museums for a day is not sufficient, but going to all of them will provide enough Norwegian history and artifacts to last a day.