“Who do you know here?” Stockholm Edition

Busy few days in Norway.

To start, I finally had a full week of law courses. They went well, almost too well. It’s a lot of reading, a lot of case study, but I really like it. I feel like I’m in the right field. Women’s Rights and Human Law is an important class, for multiple reasons. Norway has the greatest gender equality in the world, and problems still persist. It shows, in context, how far we still need to go. It’s imperative to not take any steps back in that regard. We honestly, apparently, can’t take any action that will set us back in gender equality.

Refugee law has been a bit of a struggle. Not because the content is too difficult for me. I understand it just fine, it’s a lot of reading, it’s more of a nationality crisis that seems to be the problem. I love the US, I love Minnesota, and normally I’m proud to tell people thats where I come from. When I sit in Refugee Law though, I find myself sinking in my chair a few times, our laws and actions are embarrassing. It’s definitely a motivator. It makes the reading go by quick.

Anyways, I was in Stockholm this last weekend. It was amazing. The city felt like a good mixture between Oslo and Copenhagen. The channels of water running through the city, dividing old town from the newer developments were a defining characteristic. Speaking of old town, it was easily the coolest place I’ve seen outside of Norway. Seeing the old Stockholm Cathedral, the parliament building, the tighter streets with local businesses, it was all an amazing experience. I definitely hope to go back there one day.

One thing that I didn’t like about Stockholm, however, was the nightlife. Ok, not all of the nightlife, some of it was rad. But the first 3 bars and clubs we attempted to get into asked if we were on their guest list. The public clubs were list parties. The bouncers never asked who I knew there, but they may as well have! Stockholm is home to more frat parties than University Ave. Unbelievable. To the credit of the Stockholm bouncer community, they were all really cool and pointed us in the direction of a club or bar that we could actually get into. So while I still love Stockholm, I hate whoever is renting out all of their nightlife.

Anyways, I got another birthday Super Bowl. In the States it was on the 5th of February, but with the time difference, the game started at 12:30 AM on the 6th. The last time the Super Bowl was on my b-day, the Packers won it all. This year I got the Patriots. Next time the Super Bowl is on my birthday, the Bears are winning it, and the team will be coached by Jim Harbaugh, with Jay Cutler still at QB and Greg Hardy leading the defense, also Ray Rice will probably be their running back. Brad Childress will work somewhere in the front office. May as well make it a coalition of all of my least favorite teams, players and coaches.

Hell of a Super Bowl though. Something weird about watching the big game from a live-stream on my laptop in the middle of the night, and even stranger to fall asleep to a decisive Falcons blowout, only to wake up and see that the Pats took it in overtime.

Anyways, I turned 21 today, and that’s cool. Next travel stop? Maybe Helsinki, but really I’ll just use that as a means to get into Russia.

See ya next week!

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