Weekly Update: 13.2.17

Short post today. This was my first weekend spent in Oslo in 3 weeks, and it was much needed.

I finally got my haircut after it was the longest its been since I’ve been in college. I wondered over to a haircut place I was recommended only to find they were booked solid for the entire weekend. Since I was pretty set on getting the haircut done on Friday, I kept wandering around a little more. A few blocks down the same street there was a bumping little barbershop on the corner playing music into the street. I decided to check this place out.

I got in and was the only person in the building that spoke english. I tried using the little Norwegian I had and to my amazement, the barbers didn’t speak Norwegian either. I was about to walk out, knowing these guys could really fuck my hair up since we couldn’t communicate well to each other, but hastily the barber (A long-haired man in his 40’s,I think he was Turkish) sat me down and kept my business somewhat forcibly. I tried articulating how many centimeters I wanted off, and after a good 20 minutes of anxiety, he actually did a damn good job. He didn’t want my American debit card (probably a good call in hindsight) so I paid him with my remaining NOK, and got out of there.

Sunday was spent studying down in Majorstuen, the only part of Oslo I could find that had stores and cafes open on Sunday. I went into the street’s Espresso House.

One thing I’ve found in Norway that I love, is how people greet you. “Hei hei” is what you’ll hear often, and it’s the friendliest, best greeting I’ve ever heard. I realized how much I’ll miss this later on when I sat in Espresso House and heard the cashier greeting patron after patron. The coffee was good too.

Sunday night was spent at family friends  (the Aase/Dahl’s flat in Majorstuen). Dinner was amazing, and further made Norway feel like home. Suffice to say, I’m really grateful for the people I’ve met here and the experiences I’ve had, even anxiety inducing haircuts.

Anyways, a lot of moving around coming up. Helsinki is next weekend, Tromso, Norway is after that (dog sledding and northern lights hopefully), and I’ll start March with Italy.

That’s all for now.

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