London Adventures – Feb. 14

Helllooo everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but honestly, I’ve kind of just been relaxing this last week and trying to take in everything that’s being thrown at me while here in London. Last week, and weekend for that matter, were very low key and not a lot happened… (which kind of sounds dumb to say considering the fact that I’m in London), but in all reality, I’ve basically been going to class, doing homework, and drinking a lot of coffee because midterms are next week.

That being said, I’ve also had a lot of time to reflect over the last few days on my first 5 weeks in London and a few things have really stood out to me.

  1. I’m super thankful for the roommates that I’ve been given while being here, because this experience would not be the same without them. We’ve only been here for a month, but I can already tell that these people are going to be friends that I’m going to hold onto for years to come. Studying abroad can be a scary thing, just because you’re going to this brand new place, not really knowing what to expect, and a lot of the time you’re going to these places by yourself, not knowing anyone. So if you’re lucky enough to get some good roommates like I did, the experience will be that much better.
  2. Appreciating the little things that are surrounding you. One of the things that I really appreciate about London is the fact that it’s so busy and there’s always people roaming around everywhere. Now, for those of you that know me super well, you may be thinking to yourself… “Wait, this is Jordan that’s writing this right? She LIKES the hustle and bustle of people constantly running around and being surrounded by so many people?” And to those people I would say, yes; I do enjoy all the people everywhere.. but not for the reasons you are thinking. I enjoy it because it really makes me pay attention to my surroundings and I feel like I’m more attentive to the little things that I would normally miss if I were to be walking down the street staring at my phone or something. It’s things like listening to the musicians that are playing on the streets, or seeing a dog that make me smile and grateful for this opportunity.
  3. The music you guys… I cannot get over the talent that is here in London. Everywhere you go, there are always so many people playing instruments and singing songs, some original and some covers of already popular songs. The other day I was walking along the River Thames, and there was a guy who had an acoustic guitar and was playing the guitar, but also hitting the guitar to make a percussion sound, and singing, along with hitting the tambourine with his foot. His voice was incredible, and the whole thing put together was insane. I sat and watched him for 15 minutes before deciding I didn’t want to look like a complete stalker and walked away.
  4. I miss my mom’s cooking… and I never thought I’d say that… (I still love you mom… even though sometimes I question what we’re having for dinner)… I eat a chicken breast with an avocado and soy sauce for dinner most nights, which is really delicious… just a little repetitive… That being said, some of the restaurants here are SO good. We went to this Lebanese place a couple weeks ago and had freshly made hummus and chicken wraps with garlic yogurt sauce and fresh made pita bread and it was delicious. For those of you who are curious… my coffee addiction has not seized at all since being here. I just drink more espresso than regular coffee… Dunn Brothers: I cannot wait to see you in a couple months.

These are just a few of the things that have stood out to me so far over the last 40ish days. I miss everyone from back home a lot, and really had a big hit of being homesick this week, especially when I FaceTimed my dad and Tyler (mom was too busy doing homework) on Sunday night, but it’s okay! I’ll see them soon enough, and the reunion will be so great.

MY ROOMMATES AND I ARE GOING TO BARCELONA! We leave March 31st and come back to London on April 2nd. How crazy is that?!?! We booked the trip last night. I cannot wait!!

I also got accepted to work at a Young Life camp in New York for a few weeks this summer! I’ll be working in the camp store and serving in different areas in the retail department. Young Life is such a huge part of my life, and not being able to be a leader this semester is not the most ideal thing for me… but knowing that I’ll be working at camp this summer makes it okay!

Today is Valentine’s Day and we’re doing a big family style roommate dinner so that should be fun and delicious.

Midterms are next week so you may not hear many exciting stories from me in the next few days, but I’ll write again in a week or so…

Until then…

Cheers, ya’ll


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