First off I just want to say that Portugal is an amazing place and I would honestly recommend that every one go there.

This trip was pretty last minute for me, I think I only bought the tickets a week before we left but some friends invited me and they already had a place to stay so it wasn’t going to be difficult or anything. However, that Friday morning that we were leaving, I woke up around 4am and just puked for no reason, I honestly don’t know what I ate but that was a pretty trash way to start the trip off lol. I went back to bed and felt fine, not 100% but not like I was probably going to puke again. 3 of us were leaving that morning and the other 3 were already there.

Getting to Portugal was no problem we didn’t have any hangups of any kind, it all went very smoothly and what’s really cool about Portugal is that you can take an Uber from the airport which made things super easy since our hostel was about a 25 min drive from the airport. It’s definitely the cheapest country I’ve been to so far (I’ll touch more on that later though) and so I think the Uber to our hostel cost $15 or something like that, it wasn’t expensive at all. The hostel itself was really cool, it had free breakfast, was on top of a train station, had a grocery store underneath it, good bathrooms, free breaktast ( crepes, cold cuts, cereal, bread), washer/dryer, etc. and it was only $14, and 6 of us got to stay in the same room so it wasn’t like we every had to worry about someone random taking our stuff. 

When we landed it was around 12:40 so we had most of the day to walk around and grab some food and check out some of the local sites.  After we walked around and got some Pizza we checked out a few attractions like this big plaza and an arch and then we went back and took a nap. When we woke up it was getting close to being dark out but it wasn’t too late so we took another Uber to go see the Tower of Belem and a monument close to it. Those are both extremely beautiful and the tower was built in the 1500s and it’s still in great condition today but unfortunately it was closed before we got there that night but it still made for some great pictures.

We also walked a bit down the road to another monument that was dedicated to those who first set sail on the expedition that ended up connecting the Americas to Europe for the first time. The monument was made of stone and it was massive.The front was carved like the bow of a ship with some sails and on the sides were huge stone carvings of various people that would have been a part of that expedition like priests, captains, etc. That night we did a bar crawl through the hostel and it was really fun this time. The bars are also super cool there because it’s more common to have live music so the first one we went to was 2 guys and they sang Eagles covers, Monkeys, and a ton of other stuff, it was a blast. 

The next day we got to check out the Tower of Belem in the daylight  we climbed all the way up and took some really cool pictures of Portugal and the ports. Then we ate at some middle eastern restaurant and went to a famous pastry place which was really tasty. I can’t eat a lot of custard pastries because I have a weird egg allergy that I still don’t totally know everything about and it’s pretty garbage to have to guess what pastries I can and can’t eat, but I guessed right and it was muy bueno. Afterwards we took an Uber to a city called Sintra and we drove all the way up this small mountain/very large hill where the royal palace was and we got to walk around there for a few hours which was honestly breathtaking. It was really foggy so at some points if you looked out the palace windows it would seem like you were floating. It was also very interactive and you could walk wherever you wanted, there are no guard rails or safety glass and it was really cool, I didn’t want to leave.

Later that night we went out to a few bars and one of them had a Beatles cover band and they were pretty good, the whole bar was singing Let it Be and I feel like everyone needs that once in their life. The next day we just woke up and walked around Portugal for a few hours. It was probably 65 degrees outside and I’m not even kidding we were the only people in T shirts. Everyone else was in trench coats and hats and scarves, it was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. It seems like most of Lisbon is uphill so when we were walking we eventually got to see some really cool views of the city, and then we just got some lunch at a cafe and took an Uber back to the airport.

Overall Portugal is amazing and I probably spent $20 on food the whole weekend and everyone is super friendly and they all speak English so it’s not a problem getting around there. I thought I would have a better time speaking Spanish with them but literally they’re all fluent in English it’s really cool. When I come back to Europe I’m definitely stopping in Portugal again.