Semana 5: Esperar. “To hope and to wait.”

I love the verb esperar. It means to hope and to wait.

Last Sunday I decided to go on an adventure and hike a trail that I had not hiked before. It is one of my new favorites!

In addition to physically training for the Camino, am enjoying learning more about the context of the Camino in my class El Camino de Santiago: ayer y hoy, “The Camino to Santiago: yesterday and today.”

The Camino is composed of a string of cities that lead pilgrims to Santiago. In these cities, there are many magnificent churches. In order to be able to appreciate the art that I will see, I am also taking a class about Muslim, Jewish and Christian art in Toledo. Even though the topics we discuss in class pertain to art around Toledo, the material I am learning can be applied to art of the same type all around the world. For example, today we talked about the Gothic art of San Juan de los Reyes, a Catholic church and Franciscan monastery in Toledo. One of my favorite characteristics of Gothic art is that the windows were purposely built wide and elongated to allow as much light to enter the church as possible. The Cathedral in Toledo is also built with this style. You can see the cathedral’s large windows in the middle of this picture taken from my favorite study spot.

The public library café also has a great view of Toledo. I had a  fantastic café con leche or coffee with milk there earlier this week for 1€ or about $1 that is pictured below. Score!

I met my supervisor for my internship at Santo Tomé, a locally bakery, today! He gave me a tour of their production facility. I was able to see how mazapán or marzipan is made! I am excited to start working there next week!

My host mom is inspirational. This week I want to end by giving you a quote from her that I have been pondering. She told me, “No tengo la derecha tirar comida cuando hay personas que están muriendo de hambre.” “I do not have the right to throw away food when there are people dying of hunger.” My host mom understands sustainability through a whole new lens.

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