Semana 6: ¡Ya está!

¡Ya está! does not have a direct translation, but it is muy sencillo or “very simple” to explain. It is the perfect phrase to use when you put the cherry on the top of an ice cream sundae or in my case start your internship and finish three midterms in the same week.

I love my internship! It is exhilarating to maneuver the language barrier to discuss food science topics. I am learning poco a poco or “little by little.” My supervisor let me complete a moisture analysis assay by myself! Even though this is a simple test, I think it is a big win that I was able to convey that I understand how to preform the method in Spanish! The featured photo is a picture of my manager, Baker, and I.

My first day at my internship I saw La Sinagoga del Transito made out of marzipan. Below is a picture of the Synagogue out of marzipan and in real life. This building was chosen as the focus of my exam today for my Art in Toledo class. I would be open to talk more about La Sinagoga del Transito if you want(:

Santo Tomé is the world record holder for largest marzipan Don Quijote!

I learned how to make sweet crêpes from my host brother! His dad, an amazing chef, owns a restuarnt in France.

I went out to breakfast with my intercambio pair to a restaurant that was muy chulo or “very cool” (translated in Spain) called Nuevo Alamacen!

Buen provecho! “Bon appétit!”

P.S.: Behind me is the Puente de Alcántara.

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