London Adventures – March 12

Hey friends!

My new favorite thing to do here in London is to go and sit in Hyde Park and people watch. As creepy as it may sound, I’m completely fascinated by the different types of people here in London, and I’m always so curious as to what everyone’s story is. Where did they come from? Who makes up their family? What do they like to do in their spare time? What kind of music is playing through their headphones? Where are they heading off to now? I know it may sound a little creepy and may sound like I should probably just keep to myself and mind my own business, but the people here just seem to be so unique and interesting. Not to say that people in the States aren’t, I just think being here has made me more observant and aware to what other people are like and who they may be. For one of my classes, our assignment this week was to go somewhere and observe someone from a distance and to make notes of how they act, who they appear to be, and any other observations we may have about them. Let me tell you, I was beyond excited for this assignment. I went and sat in the park and just looked at all of the people passing by and began to take notes. And then I noticed this little girl. She seemed to be about 7 or 8 years old, and she was laughing and seemed to be having the time of her life as she played in the grass with her mom. Kids are so carefree and so curious; it’s envious.

When I came on this trip, one thing I really wanted to try to do was to be more carefree about certain things and to not be so uptight about everything. I’ve always been the type of person to always want things to be a certain way and for there to always be a set plan for everything, but in all reality, I really don’t have a say in what happens in life. And because of that, why should I be so worried about what’s going to happen? I shouldn’t be is the answer. I’ve always done things to make other people happy, and honestly it’s gotten me in trouble a lot, because I’ve never been doing things to make me happy – just other people. Being here has really allowed me to do things that I love to do and that make me happy. A few of those things being…

  • Photography
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Going on walks through different parks/markets
  • Taking the time to just be still and to enjoy my surroundings

I think the last few weeks specifically have been so much different than when we first got here because in the beginning we kind of did all of the touristy things and all of the big things there are to do in London. The last few weeks I’ve really felt like I’ve been living here and not just like I’m on vacation here. Because of that, I don’t really have that many big stories to tell about this last week. I went back to school on Monday after being on Spring Break last week… I went grocery shopping… I did some homework… and my roommates and I found this bar on Friday night that has live music during the week, so we went there and had some fun dancing and listening to music.

I officially have less than 6 weeks left here in London, and to be completely honest, I have completely mixed feelings about it. I’ve been in living in this city for a couple months already and some days I feel like I’ve only been here for a week or two. But that being said, I feel like these next few weeks are going to fly by because we have some fun things planned out for our last weeks here in London. Some of those things include…

  • A concert this Thursday
  • Stalking Ed Sheeran at an upcoming concert he has here
  • Going to an England soccer game
  • Harry Potter Studios
  • And whatever else decides to pop up and make its way onto our calendars

Today I’m going to church and one of my favorite authors is speaking so I’m super excited about that. After that I have plans to FaceTime my parents and then it’s off to bed to get ready for another week of classes.

Below are some pictures from some wandering I’ve done over the last week.

Until next time friends,

Cheers, ya’ll


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