A Pence For Your Thoughts

Days have been long  and nights even longer, but I have never been happier. I still wake up every morning and smile just knowing that I am living my dream of traveling and exploring the world. The hectic life of a poor traveling college student is a life I would never give up for the world!

Since the last time I posted I have traveled to Hungary, Ireland, Italy and Denmark…. I know, it’s a lot. While all my travels have been memorable and amazing in their own way, the effect on me is the same; the world is meant to be explored. While is may be nerve-racking at times, its these nerves that push us to do some pretty darn amazing things in our lives. For me, its this curiosity and need exploration which show us that we can conquer the world, get lost in its beauty, and find ourselves wherever our feet (or passport) may take us.

I don’t know where or what I’ll be 5 years from now or what I think my future will consist of. Heck, I barely know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, because I live for my todays — the one thing we’re all promised. What I do know though, is that I will never stop exploring and letting my curiosity take me wherever it may.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Budapest, Hungary

Florence, Italy


Celia B


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