Semana 10: Abrillantado

An adjective meaning shiny, sparkly and the adjective form of luster!

I did my first practice hike with my backpack early Tuesday morning!

I tried Tejas this week at work! Tejas means shingles in Spanish. You can see why this delicious dessert is called Tejas by looking at a rack of them. If glued together they could make a roof!

Audra and I made pineapple fajitas and caramel corn for our family for dinner!

I found Poppies!

A group of friends and I went to Málaga this past weekend. Málaga is the birth place of Picasso, so we went to the Picasso museum. We also enjoyed spending time at the beach. I had fun building a sand castle.

By the way, if you are trying to search a document on a computer that is in Spanish use Ctrl+B for buscar, one of the words for to find in Spanish.

Igual entre tal y Pascual, it is the same.

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