Semana 11: Nubes de azúcar

Sugar clouds… or marshmallows?

Last Friday Audra and I went to Fátima.  I felt so loved that Audra went with me, because she knew how much it meant for me.

Anyone who knows me knows I love popcorn. I bought a container of popcorn for Audra and I to share for a snack on the bus ride to Fátima.

There wasn’t supposed to be mass when we arrived at the apparition site, but there was a large group visiting from Brasil, so they had a special mass. The mass was in Portuguese! It was a pleasant surprise to be able to go to mass.

Audra is awesome and she took this great picture in Fátima. I didn’t even ask her to.

Fátima was definitely my favorite city we have visited so far.

After Fátima, we went to Lisboa (Lisbon) to meet the rest of our group.

In Saturday we went to Sintra. The Palacio Nacional da Pena was beautiful!

In order to get to the castle, we rode in a Tuk-tuk!

This bridge in Lisboa looks similar to the Golden Gate Bridge! The two bridges were built by the same company. This bridge is called 25 de Abril. I’ll have to visit the Golden Gate bridge someday.

During our trip, it was really cool that I could understand a bit of Portuguese! It was fun having dualingual conversations!

Also, when you go to Lisboa, you need to try pasteles de nata. They are delicious!

On Saturday night we wanted to have pizza. Our oven didn’t work, so I decided to cook the pizzas on the stove. I took the lids off of the pans just for the picture.

Our flight was delayed coming back, but I found a beautiful wall of tiles!
This week for for my art in Toledo class we visited the Cathedral. It is magnificent!

This is huevos de flamenca. A wondeful mix of cod, eggs and a slightly spic pasta sause.

Hasta ahora! A way to say see you later when you will see them again in a few minutes.

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