Old friends

FINALLY I am on Spring Break- although I should be doing some of my break homework right now on my few days back in Brussels, I am so overdue in an update! I am so sorry everybody. Bear with me 🙂

I got to do something really cool this weekend. My senior year of high school, I participated in an international exchange program (shout out to SBHS TIE!) and was partnered with a French student, who came and stayed with me in Vermont for a few weeks, and who I lived with in France a few months later. Anaëlle quickly became one of my dearest friends and although we see each other very rarely, we always keep in touch. This past summer, she was interning in Montreal and I was able to see her for a weekend, the first time in almost three years! When we were in Montreal, she told me of the French phrase jamais deux sans trois (never two without three), and she assured me we would see each other again, for the third time.

Well, we made it happen! Thank god for transeuropean trainlines. After a bus, a tram, two trains, and a metro, I returned to the tiny French village I spent time in three years ago, and was reunited with my very first host family. It felt like absolutely no time had passed–aside from the meter or so Anaëlle’s younger brother Ronan had grown. We drove around a lot and visited the town, plus an amazing castle called Hautefort which was absolutely beautiful.

Anaëlle and I have changed a lot over our formative years. I felt so much more comfortable with my French skills and was able to more fully connect with her parents, and she and I could talk more profoundly about our futures and lives as adults (gulp). She is someone I am so lucky to have, je t’aime, ma giraffe! 

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