The travel posse is back at it

I’ve made so many new, amazing friends through my program here. We’re from all over the country but thanks to CIEE, we’ve been brought together! And oh the adventures we’ve had. There’s a group of us that does a lot of travelling together. We always have a ton of fun and do so many cool things wherever we may be.

These past few days, our group in some form took on Venice. My, oh my I could write a lot about Venice. What a beautiful city! Though it doesn’t quite have the monuments Rome has, it’s a city unlike anywhere else in the world (at least the tiny portion I’ve been to). It’s incredibly beautiful, and I feel like it’s one of the most relaxing places to vacation in. Because the streets are so windy, divvied up by canals and dead ends, there’s no choice but to wander and get lost. It feels almost magical to walk among cute little buildings, along canal after canal, full of gondolas and trash boats and all watercraft in between. This is how we spent our days, wandering around and discovering all the little nooks and crannies. We would end our nights with some vino or maybe a spritz or two in a quiet place we’d find on the water (not difficult to find) and talk about whatever. It was amazing.

Not to mention I ate about my weight in pasta, seafood, and gelato.

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