When a (wo)man is tired of London…

I am not tired of life. And I’ll never be tired of London 😉

London is probably my favorite city in the world (or at least of the cities that I’ve been to). I think a lot of us get a feeling in certain places, a feeling that we really belong there. That’s how I feel whenever I am in London. There’s something about its energy that’s just exactly what I want to be a part of. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a complete Anglophile, and that I’m determined to end up there one day!

(I might need to first make an insane amount of money to afford it, but that’s another story)

When I was planning where I would visit while in Brussels, London was an easy first choice. This past week was honestly a dream trip.

This was mostly thanks to the coolest Aunt ever (hi, Marianne!), who is always the best city guide.

As I’ve been to the touristy things before, I was really able to explore the neighborhoods I’ve come to love: Notting Hill, Camden, Shoreditch/Spitalfields/Brick Lane, etc… I went and explored the Barbican’s beautiful greenhouse, which made my succulent-loving heart very full, and had afternoon tea in the ridiculously beautiful Wallace Collection (A must-see for any art lover). I also had so much good coffee I think my blood is 50% caffeine now. London’s coffee scene is ridiculous. The absolute best. If anyone is there anytime soon, I recommend: GRIND, Curators Coffee, Jonestown, Second Shot, and Monmouth (just to name a few). I also re-visited some of my favorite restaurants like Cereal Killer Cafe, Wild Food Cafe in the ever-charming Neal’s Yard, and Dishoom. And, of course, I had to go say hello to her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace!

The weather was gorgeous and my time was far too short. Until the next time London, you have my heart always.

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