The Real Beauty and the Beast

I’m pretty sure I visited the set, or at least the inspiration behind the Beauty and the Beast film(s)!

With my program, we took a trip to the Alsace region of France, as well as some of Western Germany. We visited Strasbourg, Riquewhir, Trier, and Freiberg. All so gorgeous! Each town was so quaint and lovely and covered with flowers (Wysteria is in bloom right now everywhere in Europe it seems…it’s so lovely).

In Strasbourg, we took a tour and saw “Little France,” where quarantined patients once stayed during times of…plague, maybe? I don’t remember unfortunately.

in Riquewhir, we got to try traditional Alsacienne white wines (four total) at a wonderful wine tasting.

Between Strasbourg and Freiberg, we visited a very cool Chateau called Haute Konigsburg.

In Freiberg, we had a traditional German dinner. 

In Trier, we walked around and had another amazing tour. We saw the remains of the Roman city and witnessed a pro-EU demonstration as it was the day of France’s first round of elections (that was a nail-biter).

A wonderful weekend spent with friends. It’s so hard to believe I only have three weeks left here!!

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