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Kelly in Chile

Extranando mi país: The Not So Easy Aspects of Being Abroad

As I mentioned in my last post, seeing all the families together during Fiestas Patrias caused a bout of homesickness. And it still isn’t quite over. It’s been 2 months since I arrived in Chile, and the honeymoon stage is coming to end. We’re now in the daily grind of school and all the initial excitement is starting to wear off. Please keep in mind throughout this entire post that I am extremely and eternally grateful for this opportunity to be abroad, and I wouldn’t change anything for the world. […]

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Fiestas Patrias

Happy belated birthday Chile! For those of you who don’t know, Chile’s Independence Day was September 18th. Instead of a measly day off and some lame fireworks like in the U.S., however, Independence Day turns into a week of celebrations. There are asados (BBQ) literally every three houses. People cram into fondas (I’m still not entirely sure of the best way to translate this..they’re basically like state fairs in various places where various vendors set up shop and people eat outrageous amounts of food). If you’re not drinking terremotos (a […]

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And so it begins.

Over the course of my stay here, I have come to realize my host mom very much believes in psychics and their associated practices. One night, she asked her pendulum if I was going to find a boyfriend over the next few months. The affirmative response then prompted Luci to look through her entire contact list for friends who have younger, single sons. Not only did she look, but she called a couple of said friends to inform them I am in search of Chilean friends. Last night, sitting in […]

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