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Brenna in South Korea

Preparing to Go Abroad: Financial Aid

Financing study abroad can be extremely worrying and taxing. I honestly did not think I would get enough money. Most universities offer the ability to ‘reevalute’ your FAFSA (if you are from the United States) and if your school offers it, there are also trust fund loans. In my experience, the process of getting more aid was easier than I thought. The financial aid office at my school has advisers for a SACE (study abroad cost estimate) evaluation. Once I completed a meeting with said advisor, I was able to […]

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About Me

Hello! You probably stumbled upon this blog wondering about studying abroad in Korea, or perhaps you’re just a wanderer. Here is a little information about me to get this blog started! Feel free to contact me via social media with any questions. Name: Brenna Age: 20 Location: Seoul, South Korea University: Korea University Anyways, this blog is about the trials of life abroad as a student, and even the life of someone applying to be a student abroad. There is a lot of work that goes in not only preparing […]

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