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Timothy in Germany


Well, this certainly came up quickly. I was accepted to the University Study in Freiburg study abroad program in August 2016, and had been gathering materials for the application since May or June. And now I leave for Germany on Sunday the 26th. The reading materiel I’ve been given for class posits that the study abroad experience actually begins before you arrive, while preparing, so I thought I might jot down some of my thoughts. This won’t be terribly eloquent, I’m afraid; I’m too frazzled to write that way right […]

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Stuttering 101

This is a topic that is at once very difficult and very easy for me to talk about, for a plethora of reasons. Many of you are already aware that I am a stutterer, or have at least noted that my speech patterns are a bit unusual. Stuttering is something that has dramatically shaped my life from childhood. As a kid and a teenager it neutered my self-confidence and social skills and drove me to become a near-total hermit for most of my teens, and has taken over six years […]

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Myself and I

Hey folks. If you are reading this then chances are you already know me, but just in case you don’t: My name is Timothy. I was spurred to start blogging in order to chronicle my upcoming adventures in Germany, but I also intend to use this blog to write down my thoughts on other topics. I am a person who stutters, a person who has dramatically (and intentionally!) changed the course of his life at least twice, a massive nerd, an artist, and someone who likes to pretend to be […]

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