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Elina in Ireland

Crazy Beginnings: January 20-22, 2017

Greetings, everyone! Hope you’re surviving the first month under Trump (Fight, fight, fight!). It has been, as the title of this post states, a crazy, crazy few weeks. We have been running around Dublin almost nonstop, trying to take in as much as we can, and we have also started classes,  which has added a whole new level of zaniness to our adventures thus far. To make this process a bit easier, I shall be narrating our travels via pictures. Friday, January 20 Started out a little rough, both due to […]

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The First Day

Hello everyone! It is now January 26 of 2017, and we have been in Dublin for one week! As you can imagine, that week has been rather busy, so now that I have a free moment, I shall start at the beginning. Wednesday morning my parents drove me down from Duluth to Minneapolis, and after a tearful goodbye, I made my way through the airport to meet up with five other students participating in the program, including two of my roommates: the lovely Natalie and Erin. Below is a picture […]

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