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Emily in Ireland

A Weekend Away in Cork

So that beauty right there is the city of Cork in the South of Ireland. Isn’t she pretty?? I’m hoping to make a stop there again when my dad comes to visit because a day and a half was not nearly enough time to take it all in. My weekend consisted of lots of walking around (and getting turned around a couple of times), lots of coffee, drinks of other sorts, and perusing through random little stores. My favorite was the Old English Market that had everything you could think […]

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Sunday Funday

So, this morning was great because I got to head to the airport (a favorite place of mine) and meet up with the lovely Bailey over a cup of coffee before she caught her plane back to Greece. It was a great start to my Sunday! On my way home, I wandered around the streets a bit because, well, I had nothing else to do! One of the things that I love about Ireland is that nobody – I mean nobody – is a morning person. And because I am, […]

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Ireland Update

Three weeks ago today, I was just leaving Minnesota to start my adventure in Ireland. And what an adventure it has been! I’ve met some great people, seen some marvelous landscapes, and spent too much money (mostly on food…). Of course, I miss home and everything that encompasses! But I’m not here to waste time away, so FaceTime, Google Hangouts, iMessage, and all other social media will have to do. The weather here is as expected: cloudy, rainy, windy. However, the couple days that we have gone out on trips, […]

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