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Ariel in Spain

Semana 6: ¡Ya está!

¡Ya está! does not have a direct translation, but it is muy sencillo or “very simple” to explain. It is the perfect phrase to use when you put the cherry on the top of an ice cream sundae or in my case start your internship and finish three midterms in the same week. I love my internship! It is exhilarating to maneuver the language barrier to discuss food science topics. I am learning poco a poco or “little by little.” My supervisor let me complete a moisture analysis assay by […]

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Semana 5: Esperar. “To hope and to wait.”

I love the verb esperar. It means to hope and to wait. Last Sunday I decided to go on an adventure and hike a trail that I had not hiked before. It is one of my new favorites! In addition to physically training for the Camino, am enjoying learning more about the context of the Camino in my class El Camino de Santiago: ayer y hoy, “The Camino to Santiago: yesterday and today.” The Camino is composed of a string of cities that lead pilgrims to Santiago. In these cities, […]

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Semana 4: Vale la pena!, “It’s worth it”

Every day is a new adventure, a new opportunity to learn more about the Spanish culture. Vale la pena! Meet Minina. Minina is the name of my host family’s cat… and the name of all of the other cats in the street. (Minina is similar to the word kitty in the United States.) Below is a picture of my normal breakfast. My host mom makes me toast and coffee every morning! On the left is Jungle Party, my favorite type of cereal. It is an extruded wheat cereal. The nutrition label […]

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Semana 3: Si te gusta cherimoya…, “If you like cherimoya…”

I enjoyed taking two Flamenco dance classes this week!  I also learned the meaning of some slang words: Ta luego!= Hasta luego! or See you later!, Nada!= De nada! or You’re welcome! and Buenas!= Buenas días! or Good morning! Below is a picture of cherimoya, a delicious fruit that tastes like a piña colada but has a texture similar to a banana. I am becoming more accustomed to a few cultural differences like wearing my shoes inside the house,  eating la comida (lunch) at 2:00pm and la cena (dinner ) at 9:00pm, and keeping my […]

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Week 2: Una vista diferente, “A Different View”

Toledo has a rich history. It is easy to walk right past something that has historical significance if you do not know what you are looking for. There is a church in the valley below La Piedra that has a festival called Romería de la Virgen del Valle on May 1st, my birthday. On this day, people hike to La Piedra, eat and venerate la Virgen del Valle. Some people sleep outside on La Piedra on April 30th. I like running around Toledo, because I can exercise and explore at the same time. I […]

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Mi primer semana, “My First Week”

Last Saturday I moved to my new home for the next few months. Toledo is a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage City with a history of a mix of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures. Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha is the sister city of Toledo, Ohio. The picture below shows me pointing to a street that is called Calle Toledo de Ohio or “Toledo Ohio Street.” Many of the streets in Toledo are calles estrechas or “narrow streets.” For this reason, it is easy to get lost in Toledo if you do […]

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