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Nikolas in Spain


First off I just want to say that Portugal is an amazing place and I would honestly recommend that every one go there. This trip was pretty last minute for me, I think I only bought the tickets a week before we left but some friends invited me and they already had a place to stay so it wasn’t going to be difficult or anything. However, that Friday morning that we were leaving, I woke up around 4am and just puked for no reason, I honestly don’t know what I […]

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Ok so this blog is basically going to be a recap of my weekend trips because nothing crazy really ever happens during the week. Also not really going to censor it, not that I would need to most likely lol but we’ll see. The second weekend here we went to Madrid on Friday morning by bus. Once we got there we stopped at a museum which was pretty cool but we stayed for a long time and a had a tour guide and after a few hours everyone was starving […]

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