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Celia in the UK

A Pence For Your Thoughts

Days have been long  and nights even longer, but I have never been happier. I still wake up every morning and smile just knowing that I am living my dream of traveling and exploring the world. The hectic life of a poor traveling college student is a life I would never give up for the world! Since the last time I posted I have traveled to Hungary, Ireland, Italy and Denmark…. I know, it’s a lot. While all my travels have been memorable and amazing in their own way, the […]

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Mind The Gap

 “TRAVEL CHANGES YOU. AS YOU MOVE THROUGH THIS LIFE AND THIS WORLD YOU CHANGE THINGS SLIGHTLY, YOU LEAVE MARKS BEHIND, HOWEVER SMALL. AND IN RETURN, LIFE- AND TRAVEL – LEAVES MARKS ON YOU.” – Anthony Bourdain I have been in London for 3 weeks exactly but feel as if I have only just arrived.  I wake up every morning in disbelief that I am in a city so beautiful as London. As the quote above says, you leave marks behind but the travel leaves marks on us as well. For […]

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Cheers from London!

CHEERS TO A BLOODY FANTASTIC SEMESTER ABROAD! As some of you may know, I am currently studying and interning abroad in London for Spring 2017 semester and then backpacking around Europe for 5 weeks afterwards (Jan. 10th- May 26th). I am so excited to have this opportunity to experience a new and beautiful culture/city and can’t wait to share it with you all! We have been here for about 2.5 days and jetlag is still not our friend. Nights have been restless and afternoons have been exhausting but completely worth […]

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