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Elijah in Norway

Finding my Stride

Well its been a few weeks since my last post, so I am a bit over due. Its been a whirlwind of time here in Oslo. Classes have started while I continue to get situated. I have three classes at the University of Oslo Monday through Wednesday. Its nice having three days of class, as Thursday is kind of dedicated towards completing readings and other assignments, which gives me three days to go explore and have fun. Of my three class, I have Norwegian; Population, Migration and Immigration; Environment and Innovation. […]

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Orientation and Beyond

Well today was the first day of class, and if the rest of the semester is like today, it will be a great semester. I have class through Wednesday, with Thursdays and Fridays off. I have a Norwegian class for about three hours on Monday and Wednesday, and on Tuesday I have two geography classes from 8 to noon. I have some open time, so as of right now I am planing on joining a cross country ski club here on campus, along with maybe a kayaking club too, but […]

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Velkommen til Norge

Well I made it, I am finally here in beautiful Norway adjusting to life. I’ve already been here for about three days now, and I absolutely love Oslo. From the first point I stepped off the plane, I have been nothing but impressed by Norway. The airport felt so homey, as it combined modern architecture with classic Norwegian architecture and woods. Its also really convenient to get from the airport to Oslo, as the airport Gardemoen is far outside the city between mountains in the middle of a forest. The […]

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