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Elizabeth in Norway

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey friends and family! In Norway, today is just another day, and it’s my first time not spending Thanksgiving with those I love. Aside from missing out on turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, bread rolls, and cranberry ice, I can still take a few moments to be thankful for how lucky I am to be in Norway and to have such wonderful friends and family, old and new. I’m especially thankful to my parents who have been supportive of me with my education choices and helping me enjoy Norway as much […]

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Viking Love

Hey friends and family! I apologize sincerely for the long absence. A lot has been going on, and the next few posts will be getting caught up. However, I’ve been wanting to post pictures, and my laptop thoroughly disagreed with that idea in the form of crashing repeatedly every time I tried to upload something. Perhaps the biggest news of late is that I have a boyfriend. He’s Danish and currently living in Denmark. Despite the odds, I couldn’t ask to be with anyone else. But, dating a non-American still […]

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Church Family

Hey friends and family! After over a month of searching, I have finally found a church I can call home. It was a great relief to hear familiar tones and to enter a holy place where I didn’t feel out of place. Even though I think I’ve been doing a good job at adapting to life in Norway, it was a wonderful feeling to go through regular motions feeling confident of what I was doing. As with any social interaction in this country though, it is hard to break into. […]

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Hey friends and family! A couple weekends ago, I hiked up to Sognsvann, a lake about five minutes north of Kringsjå. It was an absolutely gorgeous day at 18C and sunny. After a week of rainy and cold weather, it was great to finally spend some time outdoors, and all the local Norwegians had the same idea  For a lot of people, they brought the whole family plus the family dog. It was wonderful to see so many young kids running around and playing on the beach. There was no […]

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First Observations

It’s been two weeks since I arrived here in Oslo. This past week was Orientation Week, Fadderuke in Norwegian. In between a few parties, touring the city, and getting to know the area, I’ve been trying to become a little more Norwegian. Public Transportation: Aside from just learning the bus, tram, and metro lines, Norwegians sit on the bus a little differently than in America. Personal space is important here, and people generally don’t want to sit next to strangers. On the bus, there are typically only two people occupying each row […]

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