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Holy Jet Lag, Batman!

I have now been in Italy for four-ish days, and holy smokes am I exhausted but completely okay with it. Day One: I landed in Fiumicino at about 10:45 AM. After exiting the plane, I had to get my passport stamped, then collected my luggage and went through customs. Italy has been the easiest airport experience I’ve ever had. Everything was well labeled (In English and Italian) and it was super, super quick. Everything almost seemed too easy. I thought I had accidentally skipped customs somehow. In Italy, you have two options for […]

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Arriving in Chile

After 3 days of treacherous rain, and minimal activity, it’s a perfect time to reflect on my first few weeks abroad. The first 20 days of my adventures abroad have been amazing and have revolved around a few different things; friendly Chilean people, new friends, public transportation, bread, and rain! Before I left for Vina Del Mar, Chile I was warned of the many creepy, cat calling, “gringo” preying people that I would encounter on a daily basis and I was told how to handle those situations, but to my surprise […]

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Sunday Funday

So, this morning was great because I got to head to the airport (a favorite place of mine) and meet up with the lovely Bailey over a cup of coffee before she caught her plane back to Greece. It was a great start to my Sunday! On my way home, I wandered around the streets a bit because, well, I had nothing else to do! One of the things that I love about Ireland is that nobody – I mean nobody – is a morning person. And because I am, […]

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Katie: Made it!

I have officially made it to Viña del Mar, Chile! It was definitely an advanture getting here. First I had a loooong layover in Atlanta, GA and as I was getting onto the plane all of the luggage storage bins filled up and they were going to have to check my bag (making it highly unlikely that it would make it to Chile with me…) But, I was rescued by a very nice flight attendant who I had told I was going to be living in Chile for the summer. […]

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Jon: Who doesn’t love a good accent?

So, I am now sitting in the London Heathrow Airport waiting for my gate information to be displayed. A 5 hour layover… I wish I could explore London but I guess I shouldn’t take the risk. But anyways, my day started off a bit rough when I learned my flight is not actually through BMI as I booked it but instead they contract out to other flights. With that I got off at the complete opposite side of the airport to begin with having to go from terminal 5 to […]

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Doug: First week

Hamjambo familia na marafiki! I have officially been in Nairobi, Kenya for 5 days now, but it might as well been a month. Driving to the Cincinnati airport last Sunday afternoon with my mom seems like ages ago. After frantic last minute packing and unpacking (initially my suitcase was over the limit), I began my 28-hour-long journey to Kenya. Following an uneventful flight to DC, I boarded an overnight flight to Zurich, Switzerland. As my first experience in Europe, flying into the misty green hills of Zurich Monday morning was […]

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